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At Peace
Sharon C. says: My appointment with Rachel was life changing, her understanding & support was so appreciated. In her presence I felt her warmth, kindness & compassion. The effects of her healing/ energy work were direct & with immediate results! Amazing! I believe the many lives Rachel touches through her work will be better having known her. I feel Blessed and grateful! Thank you Rachel!
Whole Being Alignment
Megan Z. says: I've been working with Rachel for about a month now and she truthfully has impacted my life in so many positive ways. She's helped me address, accept, and let go of traumatic life experiences while helping me move forward and find happiness. I've noticed a change in my breathing and posture directly affected by her healing. She's understanding and just an amazing channel for light work. I'm truly blessed to share her presence and get to spend the time working with her.
House Healing
Kate G. says: We bought a new house and it didn't feel right at all. The energy was off, there were corners and closets that felt dark, even strange smells. Rachel came and cleared every inch of the place. She made a beeline right to the spot where I'd been having nightmares. She was insightful, supportive and compassionate. After she left, the space felt entirely different -- peaceful and inviting. She helped us find our home. THANK YOU RACHEL!!
Rachel is amazing
Craig H. says: I've had plenty of bodywork & energy work with many practitioners over the years, but I've never had anyone bring it all together so completely and deeply with the emotional reading/releasing of the stuck energies. Rachel's compassion, tenderness, focus, and understanding/sensing of body/energy dynamics were impressive. Many thanks!
Grace K. says: Rachel's gifts are amazing. It was one of the most powerful healing/learning experiences I've ever had. Thank you!
A day
Caryn s. says: Like any other day but not at all. rachel is rare. basically she blows my mind.
Healing Magic!
Dan S. says: My session was great, magical! It's a blessing to have Rachel in Ann Arbor's healing community
Awesome!!! Awesome!!! Awesome!!!
Melissa W. says: Words cannot fully express the gifts/abilities Rachel has to help people.
Peace out
Kevin l. says: ummm, very vibrational

Hi Rachel - 

My son and I were at your last 777 event on February 7.  I promised to send you a testimonial and am finally getting to it.  I apologize for the delay.
Please feel free to use this testimonial in part or whole - however it suits you.
From my first experience with Rachel and her crystal bowls, I was awe struck.  Rachel has such a pure energy and that energy is at such a high level, unlike any that I have experienced before.  Her ability to channel energy through herself and the bowls was singularly divine.  The resonance of the bowls produced such a welcoming and healing environment.  Rachel's healing powers, which she transferred through the bowls, was so amazing that I could actually see golden and bright white lights.  I have not experienced such intense and high level colors with any other energy healer.  Rachel is truly gifted and her intentions are perfectly aligned to heal.
During my last visit with Rachel, I was experiencing pain from a sacroiliac joint dysfunction. I had been working with a chiropractor to alleviate the pain.  During a crystal bowl session with Rachel, I could feel my lower spine slowly and gently shift into place.  The pain relief was wonderful!  I would recommend this to anybody that needed help with body pain.
Be well,
Susan Kaugher
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