Intuitive Energy Healing

Specializing in Whole Being Alignment

Rachel Eckenrod


A Note of thanks to all who had the courage
to share their personal 
unexplainable experiences with me.
You have given me the courage to share mine. 

My abilities to feel and shift other's energy 
are available to help you. Please prepay for my time.

What is a session like?

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Tips for Creating Inner Peace

Things to remember:

Inner Peace/Relaxation is:

Always there underneath everything else.

        Available at any moment.
        Necessary in maintaining optimal health.

Inner Peace/Relaxation is NOT:

Something else to do.

Necessary for survival.

A luxury. 

Things to do:

Breathe- Allow yourself to find the areas of your body that are holding tension/stress, and breathe into those areas, one at a time, noticing what is there, and releasing the tension, feeling for what is underneath it.

Balance- Practice putting more and more and more of your weight into the point(s) of contact with the Earth; allowing yourself to become lighter as you embrace the support of the Earth.

Smile- One of the best ways to have Relaxation/Inner Peace around you is to give it away!!

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